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A cozy beach villa located on the sandy beaches of Uswatakeiyawa. It boasts of good old fashion Sri Lankan hospitality, luxury living and coastal splendor.

The ideal hideout…for a well earned holiday!

This cozy Beach Villa which dates back to 1927 has now been completely renovated and refurbished with an elegant combination of rich timber and natural stone floors. The Villa opens out into a landscaped garden with its swimming pool, sundecks and beach umbrellas, offering a generous invitation to spend the day out in the sun. Or probably the cool verandah is where you would want to relax with a cool drink and a book in hand, from where you can also engage in the spectacular view of the ocean and the dancing waves as it breaks over the rocks, spilling onto the beach.

Discreetly tucked away in this quiet fishing village of Uswatakeiyawa, the Hamilton Beach Villa is available in its entirety for guests travelling in groups. This promises total seclusion and exclusiveness where you can relax, be yourself, and plan your own pace … it’s you home, away from home.

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